UN was formed in 2005 as a Call of Duty 2 Community. We had a capture the flag server in the West Coast USA. We had a lot of people join us because of our laid back play style and friendly servers.

We weren't about official clan business or competition. We all wanted to play just for fun. We welcomed everyone, noobs and pros and everything in between! Even members from other clans were welcome to be United Noobs members and many joined.

We had people from all over the world who wanted to join UN. We decided then to expand our servers to Europe.

As more games were released, we added servers for most the popular FPS i.e. Call of Duty and Battlefield series. All of our servers have reached NUMBER ONE in world rankings. We were THAT popular and our servers were THAT good!

We currently have ELEVEN Battlefield 3 Platoons! Ten platoons are at full capacity with 100 members each and the eleventh platoon is almost full!

Our success is because of the wonderful members we have who play on our severs every day and continue to be a part of UN through out the years. We reward our loyal noobs with free game giveaways and UN decals and T-shirts!